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Elizabeth Raszka, M.Ed., BCBA

I began working in the field of ABA in 2009 as a line therapist. I graduated in 2011 with my Bachelor’s degree and completed my BCaBA soon after. After obtaining my BCaBA, I worked for an agency in Denver as part of a Family Preservation program. I worked with at risk families and with youth at risk of being placed out of the home due to challenging behavior. I worked in conjunction with a Psychologist, family and child therapist, and case workers. I also worked with children and adolescents that had a wide range of diagnoses and dual diagnoses. I completed my BCBA in 2013, and joined Behavior and Learning Group at that point. Since 2013, I have worked with children in their homes, in schools, and in community settings. In addition, I have worked with an agency in Colorado Springs that worked with at risk families and youth to reduce problem behavior in their current settings. My professional passion is spending time working with children in Foster Care or in the adoption process to help smooth the transition process. I enjoy spending time with my family, travelling, and playing soccer in my free time.

Shasta Brenske, M.S., BCBA

I started working in the field of Behavior Analysis in as a line therapist at an Early Intervention program at Western Michigan in 2000. After graduating with my Bachelor’s degree from Western Michigan University, I started teaching Special Education at Spectrum Center in California, a school that specializes in behavior services. In 2004, I moved to Minnesota and received my Master’s degree in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2006 from Saint Cloud State University. Since 2007, I have been working as a board certified behavior analyst. I have worked with a variety of populations including geriatrics, autism, and brain injury and my research has been published in Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis. I joined behavior learning group in October 2016. I was elected treasurer of the Colorado Association for Applied Behavior Analysis for 2017-2018. You might see me and my husband hiking the trails with our Husky and Saint Bernard in Colorado Springs.

Kaitlyn Taylor, M.A., BCBA

In 2007, I began working in the field of ABA as a behavior therapist providing in-home therapy to individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. While working as a behavior therapist, I completed my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs in 2011. After graduating, I worked for a centered-based ABA program, while obtaining my BCaBA. One of my primary roles at the center, was working in conjunction with the director to set up social skills groups. After completing my BCaBA, I joined Behavior and Learning Group for about a year while working on my Master’s degree, before relocating to Northern Virginia. For 3 years, I worked a large school district in Northern Virginia as an ABA coach. Here, I developed my passion for working with schools, and advocating for ABA to be used within Special Education programs. My role entailed building capacity in teachers and staff to utilize and apply ABA principles and techniques within the classroom. While in Northern Virginia, I completed my Master’s degree from Ball State University, and obtained my BCBA in 2014. Thankfully, I have been able to rejoin Behavior and Learning Group as an Independent Contractor! Currently, I am supporting clients from school-age to young adults in school, community, and in-home settings. My professional passion is working with clients to advocate for their educational and behavioral needs in school settings, as well as building capacity in school staff to utilize ABA in the classroom.

Corrine Kirsch, M.S., BCBA

 I have been providing ABA services to children with Autism since 2003, when I began working as a line therapist through a home-based program in Milwaukee. In 2006 I completed my masters degree in Applied Behavior Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and subsequently earned certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. Soon after, I moved to Colorado Springs and continued providing home-based ABA services to children with autism and their families as a BCBA. In 2011 I created Creative Kids Behavioral Consulting and began collaborating with a team of other home-based ABA providers under Behavior and Learning Group. Over the years I have worked with children of all ages, though my strength is in teaching social skills and activities of daily living to teens. I have also done research on teaching safety around strangers, reporting injuries, and pill swallowing. I have been living in Colorado Springs for about 10 years now and enjoy the sunshine, running and hiking that the area has to offer, though I will never miss a Green Bay Packer game! I'm proud to be a leader of this small team of professional Behavior Analysts and we look forward to continuing to provide quality ABA services to our community.

Sarah Reimondo, M.Ed., BCBA

I began my journey in the ABA field in January 2007 working as a line staff providing in-home ABA therapy. I continued my work as a line staff until I became certified as a BCBA in April 2012. During that time I acquired ABA experience in school, clinical, and in-home settings. Also during that time I obtained a Bachelor's degree in 2009 from The University of Colorado- Colorado Springs in Special Education as well as my Colorado SPED teaching liscense; and a Masters degree in Education with an emphasis on Autism and ABA from the University of Massachusetts- Lowell in 2011. Throughout my experience in ABA I have developed a passion for in-home ABA therapy. I feel that ABA is most effective when administered in naturalisttic situations that allow students to apply knowledge immediately to real life situations, and to be able to address behavioral concerns where they occur normally. I am a Colorado Springs native and plan to stay in Colorado for the rest of my life. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, and scrapbooking.

Ronni Clark, M.Ed., BCBA

I attended Western Michigan University as an undergraduate. There I participated in a practicum in which I worked one-on-one providing intensive behavior therapy in a public preschool for children with autism. Subsequent to receiving my BS in psychology at WMU in 2003, I accepted a position with Applied Behavior Consultants in Duarte, California. There I was trained in assessment, supervision, PECS, parent-training, and clinical skills. Clients received home and school-based services through the Regional Centers and school districts of California. During this time I also became a Board Certified Associate Behavior Analyst (2007). After a brief experiment in teaching, I returned to ABA in 2009 at ACES in Orange County, CA. I began supervising for various ACES locations, including Colorado Springs, CO, and Tacoma, WA. After relocating to their Colorado office, I remained with ACES until I became interested in working independently. Since 2012 I have preferred independent consulting to supervising for a large company, and currently contract for Behavior and Learning Group, LLC. I graduated with my MEd in special education and ABA from Arizona State University in 2015. Subsequently I became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in November, 2015. I currently work with Behavior and Learning Group as an independent behavior consultant and as a provider for TriCare/United, Medicaid, and Anthem Blue Cross in Colorado Springs, CO.

Esther Harris, B.A., BCaBA

I was introduced to ABA therapy while working as a para-professional in a pilot preschool program for children with Autism in 2009. After seeing the amazing accomplishments the students achieved through ABA therapy, I got hooked. I enrolled in Florida Institute of Technology’s Applied Behavior Analyst on-line classes and received my BCaBA in 2012 after having worked two years in the preschool program. From there I worked two years for a local in-home-based company. With this company, I not only worked with children on the spectrum, but also with adults who had various mental health diagnosis. Seeking to gain more experience, I worked for a clinic-based company here in Colorado Springs. I developed programming, supervised the clinicians, and put together materials to enrich the clinic’s programs. I returned to the in-home program with Behavior and Learning Group because I feel the family life gives children the foundation of social life. I have had the pleasure of teaching parents the technique of ABA and witnessing the positive outcomes of those parent trainings in their family life. Developing programming for the children has been a wonderful experience for me, knowing that the programs/skills being taught will assist the children to be able to move through life. I have a great love for children (I must, I have 7 of my own!) and helping them acquire the skills needed to move through life is a joy for me. My professional passion is helping families, working with them so they may relax and enjoy their children and their home life. I have illustrated two books in a series entitled Peebles Beaubian: The Giraffe with Autism and look forward to illustrating more in this series. The personal joys in my life are my husband and my children and granddaughter. Children are gifts to be treasured.


Now Accepting Clients For an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Early Intervention Program. Bright Behavior, Inc., prepares young learners (between the ages of two and six) for success in the classroom, homeschool and social environments through ABA services, developed and individualized by Board Certified Behavior Analysts. Our center-based therapy will focus on the following key areas:

Pre-academic skills (necessary to be a successful learner)

Communication skills

Social and play skills

Leisure skills

Reduction of problem behavior

Parent training

And more!

Modeling bright behaviors through ABA therapies and related services.

Shasta Brenske, MS, BCBA

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We are in network with the following insurance companies.

  • Tricare

  • Aetna

  • Medicaid

  • Optum


We utilize the following techniques

  • ABA Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • DTT Discrete Trial Training
  • VB Verbal Behavior
  • NET Natural Environment Teaching
  • MT Mand Training
  • SST Social Skills Training
  • PRT Pivotal Response Training

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We provide both in home and community based ABA in addition to school consultation as needed. Our company is currently comprised of five BCBA's, one BCaBA, and four RBT's.


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